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So your ready to make a donation to our team?  First and foremost let me thank you from the bottom of my heart. This organization is near and dear to my heart, and being in business for myself along with managing this group I can assure you that every penny you give will be put towards the greater good.  ALL of your donations are tax deductible and you will be given proper documentation with our corporate seal to ensure your tax professionals can account accordingly.  Also by being a 501c3 Corp it ensures the legitimacy of our cause and your donation is not just going to an unknown entity.  Our website will have constantly updated information as to how we are doing towards reaching certain goals, and where your donations are actually going.  We want you to know where you made the difference.  We strive to keep our donators information as private or as public as per your instructions and we will work with you to ensure your donation is made in the way you prefer.

So what can you donate?

Simply put the answer is ANYTHING.  While cash/check/credit card donations are always great, we also accept many other items.  If you think it is important, it IS important, and it is something we can either give out, or turn into monetary value and pass that through to our recipients.

You can donate items if you own a local business, and no value of item is too small.  A lot of the time we will build gift baskets for raffles to be held during local charity events so for example lets say you own a bakery and you wanted to donate a pie.  We would put that gift certificate into lets say a bakers gift basket which would include kitchen items, or other cookery type gifts.  We try to do this to make it appealing and to bring the best value towards a basket style gift.  So do not ever think that a donation is small, because sometimes the smallest gifts make the biggest impact.

You can donate your time:  Some of our events require a lot of staff to help assist our guests.  Especially during our special needs events, this can be a very emotionally inspiring gift you give and I can promise you first hand you will be a better person knowing you made a difference to someone very special.

You can donate something you made:  Maybe you knit, or paint, or sculpt. perhaps you do massage, or you sell a product and want to donate.  We will accept ANYTHING you would graciously donate.  Again we can add it to a basket, door prizes, and in some cases give it right to those that need it most.

You can donate something you use:  Perhaps you are a season ticket holder for a sports team.  These are usually very coveted items and they generate a lot of interest and in most cases a lot of monetary value.  Or perhaps you work within a company or group that has access to celebrities, or items such as autographs etc.  Again these types of items are all coveted and really produce amazing results during auctions etc.

At the end of the day it is up to you, and we are grateful for anything you deem worthy for our cause.  Your generosity is always appreciated, and for the business owner it is a great way to get your name out to others to feature your products and or services.  As always we will promote you and your group and your contributions as much or as little as you like.