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Welcome To The Team

Team Nicky was originally an idea thought up by my son Dominic.  He was diagnosed with Autism very early on in life and has always brought us joy and inspiration.  I asked him one day if we had a team name for an event we were doing and he said “how about Team Nicky” and I said you know that just might work.  Thus the idea was born, and a few years later here we are.

At Team Nicky our mission is to provide inspiration, motivation, and resources to groups, families, and even strangers in times of need, and provide assistance to others when normal resources run dry.  We are a non-profit organization that is dedicated to helping our community, and reaching out to anyone, anywhere we can.

With your help, support, donations and our 501(c)(3) status we can ensure 100% of your efforts are passed through to those that need it most.  All of our staff are made up of family, friends, and volunteers that give their time freely because they know our organization makes a difference.

We thank you in advance for your consideration of donation and support to our cause!

Very Truly Yours

Team Nicky